Hills of Truxton Chapters

May 1993, New Beginnings

Rest Of The First Season

Rotten Tom…… Aka: %@*# Bird

Hills Of Truxton & Other Exotic Locations

Cumberland County Road Trip

Corn Row Gobblers

Jeff’s Evening Gobbler

Church Boy

Best Longbeard I Never Called To!

Contests, Records, And Other Stuff

NWTF- Why I Am A Member

Long Pine, Nebraska

Calls, Gear, Guns, And Other Essentials

Turkey and the Bear

Double The Beard, Double The Fun

Georgia Mountain Gobbler

Georgetown Hunts With Walt

Ghost of ‘J’ Ranch

Son of Ghost At ‘J’ Ranch

Rob Wolfe – Pro Staffer!

Rainy Day And A Quarter To Spare

Adventures In Rodman

Lee Roosts A Gobbler

90 Second Longbeard  (sample chapter)

Bill’s First Bird

Hunting With Family

South Carolina, 2nd Time A Charm


The Gumbo Ranch

The Gumbo Ranch Part 2

My Pa Hunt - The Good, Bad, And Ugly!!

End Of A Great Season


Mooky’s Turkey Woods Rules Of Thumb

Wisconsin Longbeard

Finally!  Filled A Tag……

Grand Slam Finish - Florida

Perceptions & Conclusions

Spring Season Surprise


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