Review May 2007 by Author Dave Richey

One thing rings through as clear and true as the first gobble as a bird rattles the early-morning trees on a cool spring morning. Here is a book written by a man obviously in love with wild turkey hunting and life itself.

This is a fine collection of turkey-hunting stories from across the country, and for a first-time book author, this title is a wonderful effort, and would make me want to see a sequel. The book covers all the emotions that turkey hunters feel.

Here is a collection of tales from Joyner's vast experience. It deals with many turkey hunting topics, such as: ghost turkeys, the bear and the turkey, and the thrill of shooting a double-bearded bird.

There are emotional sides to this fine collection of stories, and one such piece of fine writing is when the author describes why he is a member of the National Wild Turkey Federation. There's no push for readers to join just because he did, but he explains why this fine organization is so important to him.

There is a little bit of how-to information about clothing and gear, and a bit on hunting techniques, but this collection of turkey-hunting stories comes from the heart and reading it tells you why hunters should hunt gobblers.

The author delves into his reasons and the high and low points of taking his Grand Slam of turkeys -- the Eastern, Merriam's, Osceola and Rio Grand subspecies. It seems to be the most current goal of many spring gobbler hunters, and for them that loves it, it's great. To me, hunting a gobbler can be an exercise in futility and humility, and some of that comes through in Joyner's book.

This is a very fine collection of short turkey-hunting stories, and there is a moral to each of them. That moral is that this book isn't written by a book writer looking to do a book that might sell; this title was written by a hunter with many huntskills, and the knowledge and respect to produce a finished product that not only will encourage hunters to read, but it will teach them something far more than a how-to book: it will teach people why turkey hunting is so much fun, so easy at times, and also why it can be exceptionally difficult.


This book was written by a dedicated turkey hunter, and his love and respect for the birds he hunts shows through. It rates a big "thumbs-up" from me.



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